Phoenix Racing Honda

It’s been a slower but good start to the off season for me coming back from double knee surgery and wrist surgery. Have been riding a limited amount earlier on in the fall but for the last couple months it’s been good. I wasn’t sure on how or what my 2019 racing season was going to look like but I now have a solid plan and have signed with a great team.

Phoenix Racing Honda Team is a great group of people with great supporting sponsors and the team is located in Salisbury NC. I am confident in the ability for me to race well with these guys and I’m very excited for the future.

Our racing schedule will be Kicker Arenacross, AMA 250 east coast supercross and AMA 450 pro motocross.

With the Kicker Arenacross series overlapping with the first two supercross rounds I will miss those rounds.

I also have a new racing number, with me being off the bike all of 2018 and not scoring any points I did not earn a two digit number so I have decided to race with #101

It’s going to be a great year!


(Photo: Dirtnationmag)

First couple of riding schools

My stay in Sweden has been great so far, I’ve been able to spend some time with my family and also soak up some of the Swedish feel and calmness.  

I’ve been able to do my first two riding schools as well which has been really good, we went to Falköping the first day and Borås the second. Fortunately the weather has been really good on the riding days with minimal rain so the tracks have been able to be in good shape. It’s been awesome to get to spend some time with the Swedish riders and see their progress on the days as well. They’ve been listening well and applying my teachings well without me needing to crack the whip lol. 

Overall just a good time so far, can’t wait to be back on the bike myself though.

Visiting Sweden

I’ve been healing good and my injuries are starting to feel a lot better. Both my knees and my wrist is progressing better than I thought it would and with it getting closer for me to be back on the bike in September we are going to go back to Sweden for a few weeks in August. 

Not only to see friends and family but my sister is also getting married which is awesome! 

While I’ll be home in Sweden I will do a few riding schools at two different locations, I you haven’t seen it make sure to go check the “Cross Skola” tab and get signed up.  Hope to see you there! //Freddie 

St. Louis – Post Race Report

It was good racing St. Louis after sitting out one weekend and it was fun to ride but my results was not much to talk about, ended up 15th in the main after a couple mistakes which I’m not very pumped about. My riding during the day was ok and I felt decent on the bike it was just little bit hard riding with a swollen knee. It’ll be good with a few weeks break now for my body to heal up so I can come back strong for New Jersey. 

Tuesday April 4 I also had left elbow surgery to fix my elbow that has been bothering me for a while and everything went good and recovery time will only be about 7-10 days. 

(Tilube/Honda Racing race bike)

St. Louis – Pre- Race Report

Coming into St.Louis feeling good and ready after sitting out Detroit this past weekend to heal up my body after being banged up from crashes at Indianapolis. Been getting some good laps in at South of the Border training facility this week and also been able to do some small suspension testing which I think will benefit me a lot for the weekend. 


(Amy Norén Photography)

Keep your eyes out for an race report after the weekend!